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Saudi Arabia Travel and Tourism

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Saudi Arabia . The current Kingdom was founded by Abdul-Aziz bin Saud, whose efforts began in 1902 when he captured the Al-Saud’s ancestral home of Riyadh, and culminated in 1932 with the proclamation and recognition of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, though its national origins go back as far as 1744 with the establishment of the First Saudi State. Saudi Arabia is the world's leading petroleum exporter. Petroleum exports fuel the Saudi economy. Oil accounts for more than 90 percent of exports and nearly 75 percent of government revenues, facilitating the creation of a welfare state, which the government has found difficult to fund during periods of low oil prices. Saudi Arabia is often called, along with Russia, an energy superpower. Human rights groups such as Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch have repeatedly expressed concern about the state of human rights in Saudi Arabia, although these concerns have been dismissed by the Saudi government.

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When to Go Saudi Arabia - Riyadh
When to Go Saudi Arabia The ideal time to visit Saudi Arabia is between November and February when the summer heat is over. Mid-April until October will see you sweltering with high humidity in the coastal regions. It's appreciably milder in the mountains and around Taif year-round, which makes these places popular summer retreats. The Asir mountains are at their best a bit earlier and a bit later than the rest of the country - during winter they are often locked in fog. The Kingdom's Islamic holidays are another important factor in deciding when to go. Unless you've no choice, Ramadan is to be avoided at all costs: getting a daytime meal can be difficult, opening hours are kept to a minimum and officials can be decidedly (if understandably...

Dress of Saudi Arabia - Riyadh
Dress of Saudi Arabia Saudi Arabian dress follows strictly the principles of hijab (the Islamic principle of modesty, especially in dress). The predominantly loose and flowing but covering garments are helpful in Saudi Arabia's desert climate. Traditionally, men usually wear an ankle-length shirt woven from wool or cotton (known as a thawb), with a keffiyeh (a large checkered square of cotton held in place by a cord coil) or a ghutra (a plain white square made of finer cotton, also held in place by a cord coil) worn on the head. For rare chilly days, Saudi men wear a camel-hair cloak (bisht) over the top. Women's clothes are decorated with tribal motifs, coins, sequins, metallic thread, and appliques. Women are required to wear an abaya or...

Eid al Fitr Festival in Saudi Arabia - Riyadh
Eid al Fitr Festival in Saudi Arabia The official Religion in Saudi Arabia is Islam and all the important Islamic festivals are very popular in Saudi Arabia. Saudi Arabia is also called the 'land of the two mosques, because the holy cities of Mecca and Medina are situated here. Eid al Fitr Festival in Saudi Arabia is celebrated with great pomp. The Eid al Fitr festival comes after the Ramadan fasting period. It is better known as the 'festival of breaking the fast'. Muslims follow the lunar calendar and the ninth month of their calendar is called the Ramadan. This is the holy month when people follow the three principles of charity, fasting and prayer. Ramadan is an important month because it is supposed that during this month Allah revealed the first ...

Islamic New Year in Saudi Arabia - Riyadh
Islamic New Year in Saudi Arabia The Islamic New Year in Saudi Arabia is celebrated with great pomp and show. This cultural event is celebrated on the first day of Muharram and marks the first month in the Islamic Calendar. The day signifies, the Hijra, or the migration of Muhammad from Mecca to Medina in Islamic Year 1 (1 AH), 622 CE. This day is generally celebrated by exchange of gifts and cards while Shia Muslims observe it as the beginning of the mourning month of Muharram. The Shia Muslims mourn in honor of Imam Hussain, who gave up his life in the Battle of Karbala during this period, thus this is a time to commemorate his sacrifice. The Sunni Muslim brings forth a different perspective to the festival as they observe the day as the death an...

Customs and Traditions in Saudi Arabia - Riyadh
Customs and Traditions in Saudi Arabia The Saudi Arabian monarchial government recognizes the Quran as the Constitution of the country. The Customs and Traditions in Saudi Arabia are based on the tenets mentioned in the Quran. Hospitality and guest care are primary features of the Customs and Traditions in Saudi Arabia. When a guest is invited to a local household on formal or friendly purpose the former is treated to a cup of coffee and date palms. This is an ancient custom and is a sign of hospitality. If a guest is invited to a meal then the guest should leave behind some food on his plate to show that his appetite has been satisfied. Inmates of the family may request the guest for a subsequent meal and in that case the guest should oblige and give th...