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Dakar Travel and Tourism

Dakar is located in Senegal and its geographical coordinates are latitude : 14.6708° N and longitude : 17.4381° W.
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Important advice for birdwatchers in Senegal - Dakar
Important advice for birdwatchers in Senegal On the road from Kouhgheul to Payar to Velingara to Linguere you will see all the birds you did not see so far in Gambia and on the Senegal coast. It is unbelievable that this area is not yet discovered by birdwatchers. The road is a sandy one but you can do it with a two-wheel drive like we did. If you take water you can do it on foot in three or four days. Locals are very friendly and will offer you a place to stay and food. Every 10 to 15 km you will find a village on this road. The landscape was of extreme beauty.

Vacation in Senegal - Dakar
Vacation in Senegal Located in the westernmost part of the Africa continent, Senegal has just started to reap the rewards of a blooming tourism industry, with it being only a few hours away from major tourist markets; five hours away from Western Europe and about seven hours away from the East Coast of the United States. An extremely sunny country claiming more than 3000 hours of sunshine yearly. Despite various influences (mostly from Western culture due to a long French presence in West Africa and also Middle Eastern influence due to a tradition of multiple exchanges with North Africa and Arab Countries), Senegal has its own brand of exotic music, food and customs that gives it the right dash of spice. Its weather is tropical, ho...

Surfing in Senegal The Great Entertainment - Dakar
Surfing in Senegal The Great Entertainment Senegal is a surfer's paradise come true. The Almadies Peninsula, just outside Dakar has the largest swell window of the Senegal coastline this means that swells can appear from the South East all the way round to direct North which is an incredible surf window. Accommodation is within a short distance of a number of world class surf beaches and surf spots. Just think about it, one side could be onshore and the other offshore and you just walk to the next spot… it's as simple as that and we think this makes Senegal an amazing surf destination. The surf in Senegal breaks crisp, fast and with lots of power but are relatively easy to get into and of course lots of barrel either left or right depending on your br...

Events in Senegal Definitely You Enjoy during Tour - Dakar
Events in Senegal Definitely You Enjoy during Tour Senegal celebrates both Christian and Muslim holidays. Since the Islamic (or Hejira) calendar is based on the lunar cycle, it is 11 days shorter than the Gregorian (Western) calendar. Islamic holidays and festivals fall therefore 11 days earlier each year. The beginning of the Muslim New Year (local name Tamkharit) is celebrated in January over the next years. On that day, you will see children walking from house to house, singing and asking for small gifts of money. Eid al-Moulid celebrates the birthday of the Prophet Mohammed - in March over the coming years. Ramadan is celebrated during the ninth month of the Islamic calendar (presently around September), commemorating the month when the Quran was revealed to Moham...