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Sierra Leone Travel and Tourism

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Sierra Leone, officially the Republic of Sierra Leone, is a country in West Africa. It is bordered by Guinea in the north, Liberia in the southeast, and the Atlantic Ocean in the southwest. Sierra Leone covers a total area of 71,740 km2 and has a population estimated at 6,440,053. The country has a tropical climate, with a diverse environment ranging from savannah to rainforests. Freetown is the capital, seat of government, and largest city. Bo is the second largest city. Other major cities in the country with a population over 100,000 are Kenema, Koidu Town and Makeni. The country is home to Fourah Bay College, the oldest university in West Africa, established in 1827. Sierra Leone is home to the third largest natural harbours in the world, the Queen Elizabeth II Quay . Early inhabitants of Sierra Leone included the Sherbro, Temne and Limba, and Tyra peoples, and later the Mende, who knew the country as Romarong, and the Kono who settled in the East of the country. In 1462, it was visited by the Portuguese explorer Pedro da Cintra, who gave it its name Serra de Leão, meaning 'Lion Mountains'. Sierra Leone became an important centre of the transatlantic trade in human beings , until 1792 when Freetown was founded by the Sierra Leone Company as a home for formerly enslaved African Americans. In 1808, Freetown became a British Crown Colony, and in 1896, the interior of the country became a British Protectorate; in 1961, the two combined and gained independence. Over two decades of government neglect of the interior followed by the spilling over of the Liberian conflict into its borders eventually led to the Sierra Leone Civil War, which began in 1991 and was resolved in 2000 after the United Nations led by Nigeria defeated the rebel forces and restored the civilian government elected in 1998 to Freetown. Since then, almost 72,500 former combatants have been disarmed and the country has reestablished a functioning democracy. The Special Court for Sierra Leone was set up in 2002 to deal with war crimes and crimes against humanity committed since 1996. Sierra Leone is the lowest ranked country on the Human Development Index and seventh lowest on the Human Poverty Index, suffering from endemic corruption and suppression of the press.

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Know about Sierra Leone before going there - Ljubljana
Know about Sierra Leone before going there Located on the West Coast of Africa between latitudes 7 and 10 degrees north and longitudes 10.5 and 13 degrees west, Sierra Leone is a tropical paradise of awe inspiring rain forest and beautiful white beaches where a wonderful blend of heritage, history and culture is there for all to see and experience - and all just six hours with the Astraeus Airlines non stop Freetown Flyer from London. The latest aspect of travel to Freetown is growing with increasing numbers in which first time adventure travellers from Europe and North America are making the journey to Sierra Leone to take in unique visitor benefits the country has to offer. Today, Gatwick Airport is witnessing an increasing number of small groups of touris...

The Big Picture of Sierra Leone - Ljubljana
The Big Picture of Sierra Leone After a bloody conflict Sierra Leone is experiencing a steady improvement in its security and political situation. However, several challenges remain. The Health Programme continues to support government efforts by contributing to the revitalization of primary health care units and promoting capacity building of district health service institutions. Routine and supplementary immunization activities are also being implemented. The full immunization coverage for children under one year has increased, showing a positive trend countrywide, but it is still very low in certain regions. There is a similar pattern for tetanus coverage, which is 47 per cent nationwide but only 35 per cent in the north and east. Yellow f...

It is nice to fly to/from the airport in a helicopter in Sierra Leone - Ljubljana
It is nice to fly to/from the airport in a helicopter in Sierra Leone It is nice to fly to/from the airport in a helicopter but since it costs US$35 each way it is not fun for 6 minutes for a not so spectacular flight. For those with time I suggest traveling one way by helicopter and the other way by ferry or boat. The latter is an operation which will take almost 3 hours to complete. The first step is to take a shared taxi from the Cape to Aberdeen Junction (it is harder to find taxis from the Cape that go all the way to the city center). Then take a minibus to Victoria Market. From there ask about a mini bus going towards Kissy ferry or walk for 400m to the end of Sani Abacha Road where all the eastbound traffic passes. The mini buses can drop you at the junction to Kissy ferry and...

Mt Bintumani The Beauty and highest peak of Sierra Leone - Ljubljana
Mt Bintumani The Beauty and highest peak of Sierra Leone Loma Mansa, as Sierra Leones highest peak is also known, rises 1945m (6380ft). In clear weather, views from the summit are excellent. The Loma Mountains Forest Reserve protects the highland rain forest covering the lower slopes. There are several species of monkey here and you have a fair chance of seeing elephants and bongos as you approach the mountain. In the rivers, you may be lucky enough to see pygmy hippopotamuses, dwarf crocodiles and rufous fishing-owls; all endangered species. Above 1500m (4920ft) the forest gives way to grassland where you can spot baboons, wart hogs, duikers, porcupines and even buffaloes. The most scenic and wildlife-rich approach to the summit is from the west, either from Kabala v...