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South Africa Travel and Tourism

South Africa Flag

Republic of South Africa, also known by other official names, is a country located at the southern tip of the continent of Africa. The South African coast stretches 2,798 kilometres and borders both the Atlantic and Indian oceans. To the north of South Africa lie Namibia, Botswana and Zimbabwe, to the east are Mozambique and Swaziland, while the Kingdom of Lesotho is an independent enclave surrounded by South African territory. Modern human beings have inhabited South Africa for more than 100,000 years. At the time of European contact, its indigenous peoples reflected migrations from other parts of Africa, where new tribes had become dominant. Two major groups were Xhosa and Zulu peoples. In 1652, a century and a half after the discovery of the Cape Sea Route, the Dutch East India Company founded a refreshment station at what would become Cape Town. Cape Town became a British colony in 1806. European settlement expanded during the 1820s as the Boers and the British 1820 Settlers claimed land in the north and east of the country. Conflicts arose among the Xhosa, Zulu and Afrikaner groups who competed for territory. The discovery of diamonds and later gold triggered the conflict known as the Anglo-Boer War, as the Boers and the British fought for the control of the South African mineral wealth. Although the Boers were defeated, the British gave limited independence to South Africa in 1910 as a British dominion. Within the country, anti-British policies among white South Africans focused on independence. During the Dutch and British colonial years, racial segregation was informal. Power was held by the colonists. In the Boer republics and subsequent South African governments, the system became legally institutionalised segregation known as apartheid, which established three classes of racial stratification. South Africa achieved its political independence in 1961 when it was declared a republic. The government legislated for a continuation of apartheid, despite opposition both in and outside of the country. In 1990, South African government began negotiations that led to dismantling of discriminative laws, and democratic elections in 1994. The country rejoined the Commonwealth of Nations. South Africa is known for its diversity in cultures, languages, and religious beliefs. Eleven official languages are recognised in the constitution. English is the most commonly spoken language in official and commercial public life; however, it is only the fifth most-spoken home language. South Africa is ethnically diverse, with the largest Caucasian, Indian, and racially mixed communities in Africa. Although 79.6% of the South African population is Black, this category is neither culturally nor linguistically homogeneous. People within this classification represent a variety of ethnic groups and speak a number of different Bantu languages, nine of which have official status. Midyear 2007, the South African population was estimated at 47.9 million. About a quarter of the population is unemployed and lives on less than US$ 1.25 a day.

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Beaches of South Africa - Pretoria
Beaches of South Africa Bikini Beach- Awarded the Blue Flag, this is a small beach by the harbour in Gordons Bay . A very fashionable area and plenty of facilities. Be aware that the water height drops quickly at this beach. Strand Beach - Situated on the False Bay, ½ an hours drive from Cape Town , is a long sweeping beach with a waves to suit all ages, rock pools and a sea swimming pool are there for children, watch the sun set behind Table Mountain and admire the spectacular Hottentots Holland Mountains. Parking is plentiful although on sunny weekends it can become incredibly busy along the Beach Road . There are a few Ice cream shops along the beach. Grotto Beach - Situated alongside the quaint town of Hermanus , Grotto Beach is l...

Nieu Bethesda and Karoo - Pretoria
Nieu Bethesda and Karoo Nieu Bethesda is a small, very isolated town in the middle of the Karoo in South Africa. Yet it contains one of the most interesting houses I had seen in South Africa – the owl house. To say that the house is unique is an understatement. The owl house was built by Helen Martins and it testifies the creativity of this remarkable woman. Also in Nieu Bethesda, there was a nice Dutch Reformed Church and we visited a local brewery. Then we went to the Drifters Karoo Inn to take in some of the beautiful landscape surrounding the Karoo area. The Karoo area was famous for its lamb. My tour guide explained to us that the sheep have been eating the herbs in the area, thereby spicing themselves up ;o)

Drakensberg to Clarens - Pretoria
Drakensberg to Clarens Drakensberg, one of South Africa's UNESCO world heritage sites, was another beautiful scenic spot we visited on our tour. The Drifters Log Cabins were very comfortable and full of rustic charm. We had a nice dinner as well. The next day we went for an eight hour mountain hike and I had to say that it was not for me. Thanks to our tourmate Elizabeth, I made it downhill! The scenery was just spectacular and the mountains were similar yet different from the Canadian Rockies. I was glad to be able to test my limits and see this magnificent mountain range. After leaving the Drakensberg, we went to have a closer look at the turquoise colour of the beautiful lake from the Sterkfontein Dam, passed through the Golden Gate Nati...

Durban and Umdloti - Pretoria
Durban and Umdloti Durban and Umdloti- my time in Durban was short as we only had two hours including lunch time in Durban. I had some time to have a delicious curry lunch and walked along the famous Durban Golden Mile. The Drifters Inn was located in the beautiful Durban seaside suburb of Umdloti, and this article features scenery from Umdloti as well.

Johannesburg - Pretoria
Johannesburg Johannesburg is the financial centre and the largest city in South Africa. Many people just pass by the city and use it merely as the landing port before going onto other parts of the country. Certainly it does have a bad reputation because of high crime rate and “not much to do/see”. However, if you like to explore the urban jungle, Jo'burg is actually a very interesting city with lots to do. One problem is getting around. I joined a city tour of Jo'burg to see the inner city. The inner city was vibrant but quite run-down and dangerous. It was quite an eye opener. The Carlton centre gave an excellent overview of the city and the Museum Africa in Newtown provided a good overview of some aspects of South African hi...