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Tokelau Travel and Tourism

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Tokelau is a territory of New Zealand that consists of three tropical coral atolls in the South Pacific Ocean. The United Nations General Assembly designated Tokelau a Non-Self-Governing Territory. Until 1976 the official name was Tokelau Islands. Tokelau is sometimes referred to by Westerners by the older, colonial name of The Union Islands.

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Geography of Tokelau -
Geography of Tokelau Tokelau comprises three atolls in the South Pacific Ocean between 171° and 173° W longitude and 8° and 10° S latitude, approximately midway between Hawaii and New Zealand. They lie about 500 km (311 mi) north of Samoa. The islands are Atafu, at one time known as the Duke of York Group, Nukunonu, also the Duke of Clarence Group, and Fakaofo, once Bowditch Island. Between them they comprise a land area of 10.8 km². There are no ports or harbours. Tokelau lies in the Pacific typhoon belt. A fourth island that is culturally, historically, and geographically, but not politically, part of the Tokelau chain is Swains Island (Olohega), under United States control since about 1900 and administered as part of American Samo...

Life in Tokelau -
Life in Tokelau Life is relaxed in the Tokelau Islands. There are no large stores, hotels, restaurants, or bars, just plenty of coconuts, sand, and sun, and a happy, friendly people. They'll take you fishing or to family lands on the motus to collect coconuts. Women can learn how to cook or weave in the Tokelau way. Everyone will have endless time to talk, and the lagoon waters away from the villages are great for swimming and snorkeling. Easygoing visitors will love Tokelau, but those on a tight schedule or who crave privacy, comfort, or constant activity will be anxious to leave. Source:www.southpacific.org

What should You Take Along During Visit -
What should You Take Along During Visit Take cash dollars as there are no banks in the Tokelau Islands. New Zealand currency is used here, but Samoan, American, and Australian banknotes can be exchanged if need be. Any personal medications, sunscreen, snorkeling gear, and ample reading material are other things to take. Suggested gifts for the family which accommodates you include rubber thongs, housewares, tools, fishing gear (stainless steel fishhooks, fishing line, swivels, sinkers, lures, mask and snorkel, and spear-gun rubbers), and perhaps a rugby ball or volleyball. The women will appreciate perfumes, deodorants, cosmetics, printed cloth, and dyes. Kitchen knives and enamel mugs are always welcome. Pictures of your own family back home will be viewed...

Music of Tokelau -
Music of Tokelau Tokelau is a non-self-governing territory of New Zealand located in the Pacific Ocean whose people are of Polynesian descent. Their music is dominated by communal choral activity in harmony, with percussive accompaniment including log drums (pate), pokihi (wooden box) and apa (biscuit tin), used as percussion. Their best-known form of traditional traditional music is fatele, a dance performed at many community gatherings and events. Each song begins with a stanza that is repeated up to a half-dozen times, followed by increased pitch and tempo near the end of the piece. This tradition is shared with the music of Tuvalu. New Zealand-based band Te Vaka is composed of Tokelauans living in New Zealand, and also has membe...