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Tunisia Travel and Tourism

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Tunisian Republic , is a country located in North Africa. It is bordered by Algeria to the west and Libya to the southeast. It is also located southwest of the island of Sicily and south of Sardinia. Its size is almost 165,000 km² with an estimated population of just over 10,300,000. Its capital is Tunis. It is the northernmost country on the African continent, and the smallest of the nations situated along the Atlas mountain range. Around forty percent of the country is composed of the Sahara desert, with much of the remainder consisting of particularly fertile soil and a 1300 km coastline. Both played a prominent role in ancient times, first with the famous Phoenician city of Carthage, then as the Africa Province which became known as the bread basket of the Roman Empire, and then as the Maghreb region of various medieval Islamic states. Tunisia ranks high among Arab and African nations in reports released by The World Economic Forum.

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Festivals and Events in Tunisia - Tunis
Festivals and Events in Tunisia Festivals and Events in Tunisia are marked by celebrations, cheer, and revelry. Tunisia is the land of the rich Islamic heritage and legacy of the ancient times have made the country a tourist destination for all. On your tours to Tunisia, you can see the various aspects of the culture of Tunisia. Experience the vibrant traditions during your stay. Ensure that you stay in the country during the festivals and events in Tunisia to see the exuberance and charm. Festivals in Tunisia is one of the most frequented tourist destinations in Africa and if you are looking at the best time to visit the country then you can choose the festive time. Festive season is the best time to visit the country as it offers the splendid ch...

New Year in Tunisia - Tunis
New Year in Tunisia New Year in Tunisia is one of the important events which the locals as well as the tourists look forward to. New Year is public holiday in the social calendar of Tunisia. Tunisia in the African country celebrates various festivals and events. Among the wide list of festivals, New Year in Tunisia is one of the most important festivals, which people eagerly wait for. If you are thinking of spending your vacations in Tunisia then it is a good idea. Spending your vacations during the New Year offers you the chance to see the festive spirit and the celebrations which take place in the country during this time. Throughout the world, the New Year's Day is celebrated with much enthusiasm and passion. It is one of the main...

Shopping in Tunisia - Tunis
Shopping in Tunisia Shopping in Tunisia is bound to be a pleasurable experience as the land has got a large number of things that will make your expeditions a grand success. But there are a few things that need to remembered while shopping in Tunisia. Make sue that you remember these while Shopping in Tunisia. You can but a good amount of pottery from the main centers like Nabeul, Guellala on Jerba and Sejnane. These are two other very important centers for Tunisia shopping. The pottery in Sejnane has a unique style with brown ceramics and simple drawings. You can but carpets from the main centers of carpet and rug. The places from where you can buy are Tunis, Tozeur, Kairouan, and Jerba. The style is Persian but there are the Berber...

World Heritage Sites in Tunisia - Tunis
World Heritage Sites in Tunisia There are a number of World Heritage Sites in Tunisia that comprise some of the famous tourist destinations in the country. Located in the northern parts of Africa, Tunisia was one of the important stops for all those merchants who trade through the Mediterranean sea. It is for this reason that Tunisia shared a close tie with the Arab countries. Some of the Arab traders later settled in the country. Prior to the arrival of these Arab traders, Tunisia was the base for the Phoenician traders and later was conquered by the Romans. You will come across a number of World Heritage Sites in Tunisia. Tunisia World Heritage Sites comprise the majority of the various places of tourist interest in Tunisia. All these places rep...

Sightseeing in Tunisia - Tunis
Sightseeing in Tunisia Sightseeing in Tunisia is marked by its numerous beaches and historical sites that attract a huge number of tourists to the country each year. The number of tourists has risen from 56,000 in 1961 to 3.7 million in 1993 and it has helped in earning a great deal of foreign currency as well. When ever you are opting for sightseeing in Tunisia take care to see that you do not miss the following spots- Barbary Coast - During the 16th century it was under the Ottoman rule with Tunis as its centre. This was used as a base for piracy against the European ships in the Mediterranean. The name comes from the Berbers who were the oldest inhabitants of the region. Bizerte – It is the northernmost city in Africa and also the ...