Facts about Netherlands

Facts about Netherlands include some of the most amazing information about the country, which differentiates Netherlands from other countries of the world. Netherlands or the Kingdom of the Netherlands is a beautiful country located in the western part of the European Continent. The country borders the North Sea and countries of Belgium and Germany.

Interesting Facts about Netherlands:
About one fourth of the country lies below the sea level
Netherlands is a densely populated country. About 480 persons stay in an area of per square kilometer
The country is an active member of the European Nation and was one of the first nations to start and join this union

The official language of the country is Dutch. The language is widely popular in Belgium, Suriname, northern France, Aruba and Antilles
The country has the tallest inhabitant in Europe
There is always a coalition government in Netherlands

All the Dutch persons are proud owners of bicycles and it is a common and favored mode of transport
The capital of the country is Amsterdam but the seat of government is located in The Hague Dutch people in general are keen followers in sports. 1 of every 3 persons are member of a sports club.The city of Amsterdam has around 22 paintings by notable painter Rembrandt and a huge number of around 206 by the famous Van Gogh

The highest point in the country is about 323 meters altitude. This point is referred as mountain
The Dutch people are lovers of coffee and are world’s second biggest coffee drinkers.Highest cable density in the European continent is in Netherlands

In the European Union, Netherlands represents as the youngest populations.

The country has a strange custom. After the children complete school and pass the exams, they hang their school bags and a Dutch flag outside their houses.