Facts about South Africa

Facts about South Africa include some basic information about the country of South Africa. Located in the southernmost tip of the continent of Africa, South Africa spans over an area of 1,221,037 square kilometers which is equal to the combined areas of Germany, Italy and France. The country is known for its extensive coastline of 2954 kilometers and is the home to some of the most fascinating beaches of the world. Facts about South Africa help to explore and know the country better.
Home to a population of 44 million people, South Africa has seven official languages. However, English is the most commonly spoken language of the country and most of the Africans speak English traditionally. Out of the population, 77% is black, 10% is white, 8 % is mixed and 2.5% is of Asian origin. Facts about South Africa give the idea of the country’s demographics.
Made up of nine provinces, South Africa has three capital cities namely, Cape Town: the parliamentary capital in the western cape, Pretoria in Gauteng which is the administrative capital and Johannesburg in Guateng is the largest city. About 20 % of the world’s gold mines are in South Africa. Christianity is the principal religion of the state.
South Africa boasts of a rich treasure house of wildlife and is the home to five of the fastest animals like cheetah, wildebeeast, lion and Thomson’s gazelle.
South Africa is known for its 7 world Heritage sights like the cradle of Humankind: the area is known for fossils and artifacts belonging to stone age, the Grater St. Lucia Wetland Park for its rich diversity of plant and animal life, Robben Island, the prison home to many a political prisoners, Drakensberg Park; famous for offering provisions for a multitude of activities like mountain biking, hiking trail among others, Mapungubwe, Limpopo was the site off the ancient kingdom from where gold and ivory were nerchandised to the east and Cape Floral kingdom which is also famous for the walking trails of Table mountains. Cape Floral kingdom is one of the 6 floral kingdoms of the world. Vredefort Dome, lying 120 km southwest of Johannesburg is famous for a large crater.
South Africa celebrates its national day on 27 th April and the Independence Day is on 31st May, 1910.