Facts about Switzerland

Switzerland is an ultimate destination for all genres, be it for business, for family vacations, adventure holidays or for honeymoon! Facts about Switzerland holds forth both the known and the lesser-known facts about the country.
A few of the facts about Switzerland are mentioned as below:
The unique location of Switzerland makes it a proper gateway to Europe. You can go to any European country within 2 hours from here.
Switzerland is also known as Helvetia in Latin. It is one of the world’s wealthiest countries.
Although Switzerland is located at the centre of Europe geographically, it is not a part of European Union.
Switzerland does not use Euro as the currency. The currency is Swiss franks.
Switzerland has four national languages. They are German, French, Italian and Rumantsch. All official documents are printed in German, Italian and French.
A moderate climate prevails in Switzerland, all throughout the year. In the summer temperature ranges from 18 deg C to 35 deg C. The winter temperature can be -6 deg C to + 9 deg C. With altitude the temperature also varies.
Switzerland comes under the Central European Time Zone. It is one hour ahead of GMT. The daylight saving starts from end of March to end of September.
The total area of Switzerland is 41,290 sq km. The lowest point is Lagos Maguire, which is 633 feet from the sea level. The Monte Rosa Massif is the highest elevation at 15203 feet.
The ranges of the Alps and the Jury mountains have covered more then 60% land.
Bern is the capital city of Switzerland.
In Switzerland about 55% people are Catholics and 45% are Protestants.
With few exceptions all nationalities require a valid visa to enter the country.
The national flag of Switzerland is red base with a white cross.
Switzerland was not involved in any of the world wars. They have kept their neutrality intact since their independence in 1815.
The last armed conflict on Swiss territory took place in 1847. A civil war broke out between the Protestant and the Catholics cantons. The war lasted for just under one month.