Facts about Thailand

Thailand allures tourists for its picturesque natural beauty , temples as well a exotic beaches. Some travel facts about Thailand which attracts tourists are; Bangkok, a distinct Buddhist region you will be greeted with gold-layered spires, elegant pagodas, and huge Buddha statues; hilly and dense forest regions which connects to Malaysia or the lofty mountains in northern Thailand with valleys full of opium poppies. Facts about Thailand which will help you to know about this country more is provided below.

Accommodation Facts about Thailand -In Thailand you will find many hotels and guest houses which come in different types and suits all budgets. Thus in Thailand on the one hand you will get bed and breakfast hotel while on the other hand an international hotel may await you. The choice doesn’t end here only, you will find many economy as well as budget hotels here.

Customs and Formalities Facts about Thailand – Once on arrival at Thailand by air, or by rail you have to fill up customs declaration form. The tourists are permitted to bring in 200 cigarettes or 250 gr. of tobacco, 1 liter of spirits and a specific amount of perfume only and prescription drugs can be brought only with doctor’s note.

Facts about Do’s and Don’ts in Thailand – No public display of affection, topless bathing not acceptable, don’t touch the head as it is regarded the most sacred part of the body. Sole of feet cannot be pointed to anyone as it is considered an insult. Women should not touch a Buddhist monk. You can wear shoes in the Buddhist temple but don’t wear them when you are entering the main shrine where the image of Buddha is there
Facts about exchange rate in Thailand – Banks in Thailand regulate their exchange rates everyday conforming with international money markets and they offer the most competitive rates.

Health Facts about Thailand – If you face any health concern doctors, General practitioners, dentists and opticians are easily available. In the big hospitals you will find doctors and staffs speaking good English.
Transportation Facts about Thailand – Bangkok is a focal point for many tourist destinations in South-East Asia and you get a host of airlines operating direct flights to Bangkok from Europe, USA, Australia and Asia.
Miscellaneous Facts about Thailand – Government offices are open from 8.30 am -4.30 pm, Monday to Friday and are closed from 12 noon to 1 pm for lunch. Banks open everyday at 8.30 am and close at 3.30 pm from Monday to Friday. The min tourist hubs have currency exchange offices open daily from 9.00 am to 6.30pm.