Facts about USA

Before you are planning to visit USA you must be aware of the various facts about USA. The main things which you must know is the location, climate, how to reach USA, cuisines and the sightseeing places. So read through this page in order to have an idea of the various facts about USA.
Location of USA- United States of America is located in the continent of North America. This country remains encircled by North Atlantic Ocean and North Pacific Ocean. Thus the country enjoys a favorable location and this attracts tourists from all over the world. The neighboring countries are Canada and Mexico. The main provinces of this country are Washington, New York, Florida, Los Angeles, Boston, Texas, San Francisco, San Diego and Chicago. Washington DC is the capital of USA.
Climate of USA- Though most parts of USA witness’s temperate climate still there are a variety in climate in the different provinces. Hawaii and Florida experience tropical climate. Alaska enjoys artic climate. Low winter temperatures in the North West, semi arid in the Great Plains west of the Mississippi river and arid in the Great Basin of the south west.
How to reach USA – Reaching USA is not at all a problem for the foreign tourists as well as the local tourists. USA has highways, railways, airports, waterways and heliports. Tourists can also reach here by ships and the important ports are in Corpus Christi, Duluth, Hampton Roads, Houston, Long Beach, Los Angeles, New Orleans, New York, Philadelphia, Tampa, Texas City.

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