Fadiouth is an old fishing village close to Joal. It is situated on an island in a river delta with mangrove forests. No motor vehicles are found in the narrow streets in the village which can be reached on an 800 m long bridge. Most inhabitants are Christians (90%) and a new church was recently erected. The village is much visited by tourists and there are several souvenir shops.

Peculiar to Fadiouth is that the streets and even the houses are built up of the remains of shellfish that were consumed throughout the centuries. Even the burial place (common to Christians and Moslems), which can be reached on another bridge, is built up of these remains which give the whole village a peculiar whitish character. The burial place is also a good point to get a view of the village and the granaries, built on stilts in the river estuary.

Visitors arriving by car have to park at the beginning of the bridge leading to the village. That is also the site of the local tourist organization. They offer guides and pirogue (open boat) tours at fixed prices.