Far North Region

Far North

Maroua : It should remind you of the Biblical tower of Babel. The imposing height, the surrounding landscapes, the savannah safari on screes, the twilight at dusk, pictures taken at it sides remain a priceless souvenir to the tourist. The climate is Sahelian tropical type characterized by a long dry season that lasts seven months (from November to May) and short rainy season from June to September.

Touristics sites

Maroua : Craftsmen and blacksmith villages. Traditional practitioners, Central market, Tanners quarters, Mosques, Local beer called Pili-Pili.

Yagoua : Relics of the Makaini Lamido palace at the centre of the Town, Colonial buildings, the saint Anne catholic church. SEMRY with its many rice fields, Lagdo river at the Chad – Cameroon border ; Missile shape Mousgoum houses of Mourla, traditionnal Market of Bongay 117 kms from Yagoua . Doukoula and Datcheka.

The SEMRY with its many rice fields , Lagdo river at the Chad – Cameroon frontier ; Misile shape Mousgoum of Mourla , traditionnal Market of Bongay 117 kms from Yagoua . Doukoula and Datcheka .

Kaele : Superposed stones of Mount Ourwa, Huts of the Lara village inhabited by he Moundang people. The DENTS OF MINDIFF in which you can find calabash makers and weavers . . The DENTS OF MINDIFF in which you can find calabash makers and weavers .

Mokolo : Blacksmiths ; Tourou market ; (a typical market taking place on Saturdays) the women of this market have calabashes on their heads. Maka market from where the great plain of Nigeria could be seen, the high furnace where villagers work on their iron.

Bourrah village :Traditional huts situated between Cameroon and Nigeria. The central place where Naira against francs CFA deals are carried out.

Kapsikis village :

Rocky peak, Landscapes
The Old sorceress
Handicraft centre
Waza : National Park of WAZA with its rich and varied fauna . The most important one in Africa .

Pouss : Sultan palace at Pouss. Misile – shape mousgoum hut , Pouss market.

Maga : The artificial lake of MAGA formed from the logone river in which is found a lot of birds ; ( Duck hunting authorized ) Fishermen s village.

Oudjila : Terrassing type of Farming. The Oudjila chiefdom, aged 200 years.

Kousseri : Blangoua village , Place of Departure for the Canoes to kofia islands where fishermen from different nationalities live. They are Chadians, Nigerians and Cameroonians. Logone Birni : the crocodile village ; Lake Chad, Kalamaloule park.

Bogo : Discovery of the Palace and market of Bogo. Koza pass, Rounds huts, super imposed with Mafa, Rocky mountains.

Mora : Sunday market ; Tombs of German colonial authorities found on the Mount Mora ( In Far North province there are some parts of vilages with marks of Dinosaures , Homosapiens etc ..)