Ferghana Valley

The Ferghana Valley is a tempting spot for those who have travelled all of the way to Central Asia. The Valley has many attractions, but they are simply not as closely packed as in other regions of Uzbekistan. Khokand has refurbished the palace of the Khan. Margilon has a silk factory which utilizes more modern production methods, but which also employs the old traditions. Rishtan has a tradition of uniquely designed pottery. A small town outside of Namangan is known by local people to produce the best knives in Uzbekistan. The Valley also hosts a fledgling adventure tourism industry. Rock climbing, white water rafting, hiking, bungy jumping and even ski diving have been reported by travellers. The adventures are wholly unregulated. The travellor should expect more Soviet era army surplus than the latest gear. Some daring people haved lived to brag about it.