Festivals and Events in Bahrain

Populated by different nationalities and religions, Bahrain all the year round sees one festival or another being celebrated in pomp and grandeur. Bahrain festivals and events testify to the tolerant nature of this country.

The January month sees one of the most important Islamic Festivals, known as Eid ul Adha (the Festival of Sacrifice), being observed widely in Bahrain and all over the Islamic world. The festival is observed to commemorate the time when Abraham was about to sacrifice his ward Ishmael for God. Sheep, camels and cows are sacrificed by Muslims all over Bahrain as a ritual.

Islamic New Year or Muharram is a much awaited event on the list of Bahrain festivals and events. A complete ban on alcohol and other intoxicating substances are strictly imposed across the kingdom to observe purity. Christian New Year in the same month is also observed across Bahrain by the believers in Christianity. Big parties are thrown with people dancing to the tunes of music and alcohol is served as a part of this festivity.

The most celebrated event in the month of February is certainly Ashura. Celebrated by the Shiite population of Bahrain, this festival is observed in memory of the martyrdom of Husayn ibn Ali. Some observe this day to celebrate the foundation day of Kaba in Mecca. Prophet Abraham’s birth day also thought to have been on 7th February and some celebrate the day in memory of his coming to this world.

Milad al-Nabi is the most widely celebrated festival in Bahrain. This festival is celebrated as a birthday of Muhammad. Both the religious Islamic factions, that is, the Shi and the Sunni celebrate this festival however on different dates. The common events that take place during this festival are processions, feasting and storytelling. Held every year in April, Milad al -Nabi is the most popular among Bahrain festivals and events.

Independence Day in June is the time when the citizens of Bahrain forget all differences of cast, religion and social hierarchy and celebrate with fireworks, opera and day-night long festivities. Other festivals like Ramadan, Chinese Trade Fair, Eid ul Fitr and many more are celebrated across Bahrain. Overall Bahrain festivals and events offer a glimpse into the vibrant culture of this island nation.

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