Festivals and Events in Cook Islands

Cook Islands on the Pacific Ocean comprise fifteen islands accounting for a fabulous destination for a vacation. The several Festivals and Events in Cook Islands make this place further interesting to the tourists. A considerable number of visitors participate in such events on the islands. The natives of these islands celebrate various Festivals and Events in Cook Islands all round the year.

The Te Maeva Nui Festival is one of the eminent Cook Islands Festivals and Events. It is the most distinct festival in the Cook Islands and is observed to mark the islands’ freedom from New Zealand and attainment of self-government. It also reflects the tradition and culture of the islands. This festival takes place for about ten days commencing from the end of July and extending till the first week of August.

During the Te Maeva Nui Festival, the island of Rarotonga features various events including dances, songs and playing of drums, a bright float parade, contests, and other cultural and sports events. The National Auditorium in Rarotonga is the main venue for various activities on sports and culture. This festival in Cook Islands also involves culinary spreads, conventional exhibitions, sports competitions, a Maori food festival, a fire knife contest and coconut husking event.

The people of Cook Islands celebrate some more notable occasions with great pomp and show. To mention few of these Festivals and Events in Cook Islands, these are Christmas, New Year, Gospel Day, Good Friday and Easter Monday. Boxing Day on December 26 is a unique event in the Cook Islands.

Anzac Day celebrated on 25th April is one of the major Festivals and Events in Cook Islands. This day is dedicated to all the Cook islanders who participated in the two World Wars. In this event, people practice several religious rituals and church rites. Parades are also arranged on this day.

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