Festivals and Events in England

Festivals and Events in England are celebrated with much pomp and show. The people of England enthusiastically wait for the time of Festival and Events in England. If you want to witness the true essence of the culture of England then you must visit this country at the time of its festivals and events. The population of England is predominantly Christian and thus most of the festivals and events in England usually have Christian connections. Some of the important festivals in England include Good Friday, Christmas and New Year. The different cities in England have unique styles of celebrating the New Year and bidding farewell to the old one. Formerly in the Anglo-Saxon England, the New Year started on Christmas Day, that is the 25th of December but now it’s 1st of January that is known to be the New Year’s Day all over England.
When one is talking about New Year in England, one can’t forget mentioning about the famous Hogmanay, New Year in Scotland. Hogmanay starts just after the Boxing Day on December 26th. Boxing Day is yet another very important part of the festivals and events in England. Nightlong parties, uncorking the champagnes and firework displays are some of the main aspects of New Year in England. You can also enjoy your New Year in the Sea by cruising aboard in some of the popular New Year Cruises in England. The legendry Santa Claus does not exist in England. Instead, children receive gifts from Father Christmas. Plum pudding is the most famous dessert preparation made on Christmas. Coins are hidden in the pudding bringing good luck to those that find them. Actors known as Christmas mummers perform plays during the Christmas season to the delight both the young and the old.
Guy Fawkes Day is yet another important part of festivals and events in England that is celebrated with much enthusiasm. On the 4th of November, 1605, a person called Guy Fawkes was caught red-handed in the basement of the British Parliament. He was trying to blow up the Houses of Parliament with gunpowder. Ever since then, the 5th of November is celebrated by the English for his capture and execution by burning an effigy (model) of him on bonfires around the nation.
Some of the other famous Festivals in England are Easter, Easter Monday, May Day Bank Holiday, Spring Bank Holiday and Boxing Day. Some of the popular events in England celebrated with much enthusiasm through out the country are Pancake Day Race, celebrated on Shrove Tuesday; Ideal Home Exhibition, celebrated from early March to early April; Oxford/Cambridge Boat Race, celebrated in late March or early April; May Morning ceremony, on 1st of May; Flower parade, in early May; Great Autumn Flower show; celebrated in mid September; Royal Smithfield show; Horse of the Year show and many more.