Festivals and Events in India

Festivals and Events in India makes the tourism industry of the country prosper and results in its massive growth. Since India is a land which is rich in cultural heritage and traditions Festivals and Events in India has a lot to offer the tourists who embark on India Tours. Festivals and Events in India brings to the forefront, the cultural diversity of its people and the ethnicity which has made India one of the leading tourist destinations in the world.

Festivals and Events in India are varied in nature and many in number. Since there are a number of religious entities which prevail in the country Festivals and Events in India are woven around many rituals and customs associated with each of them. Festivals and Events in India keep on happening all round the year and there are many mythological stories and legends which are linked to their advent.

India Festivals and Events are meant for its people who welcome them with tremendous enthusiasm and energy. The vibrant spirit which is found among the people who participate in Festivals and Events in India make India a unique country. The people of India believe in unity though they come from various cultural and religious backgrounds. Festivals and Events in India makes them bond with each other and as a result many barriers are broken to celebrate their true underlying spirit.

As a tourist if you decide to plan an India Tour Festivals and Events in India will let you mix with its people and understand their true essence. The spirit, color, energy and zeal with which the Festivals and Events in India both enlightens and inspires you as an individual. Some of the Festivals and Events in India which stands out as the best and celebrated with pomp across the nation are mentioned below:

Diwali – Widely known as the Festival of Lights it is celebrated in the month of November. The homecoming of the goddess of wealth makes this festival one of the best in India. Firecrackers, candles and diyas are lighted in the homes and the festival is celebrated with true fervor.

Holi – Known as the Festival of Color this festival lets you immerse yourself in splashing color and enjoy the onset of the harvest season.

Muharram – The 10 day Muharram festival is one of largest among the Muslims of India. It commemorates the martyrdom of Prophet Muhammad’s grandson.

Republic Day – The constitution of India as an independent nation was drafted on this day and the President addresses the nation from the capital of Delhi. Military parades and national flag hoisting marks the occasion.

Independence Day – India achieved its independence on 15th August, 1947 and this auspicious day is a major festival when the national flag and anthem commemorates the martyrs of the nation.

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