Festivals and Events in Kiribati

The festivals and events in Kiribati reflect the culture of Kiribati which is not only enriched but boasts of a heritage of almost 2,000 years. Among all the festivals and events in Kiribati the most important is the Independence Day which is celebrated with gusto and energy on 21 of July. It was in 1979 that Kiribati got its independence and then onwards the Gilbert Islands came to be known as Kiribati.
Kiribati festivals and events reflect the good nature of the people who truly believe in the traditions and customs of Kiribati. As most of the islanders are Christians Christmas is another important day among the Kiribati festivals and events. The Christians celebrate the Easter and the Christmas with much enthusiasm. The islanders of Kiribati are no exception and you can see them enjoying every bit of it with fun. Like all the other festivals and events in Kiribati the people decorate their homes and this is one time when the members of the family join each other for celebration.
It is the celebration of togetherness and one ritual that is followed religiously is the ritual of exchanging gifts. Another event which deserves special mention among the festivals and events in Kiribati is the Youth Day which is celebrated on August 10th. The young people play a major role in the politics and economy of the country. Like all the other nations the youth are considered as the backbone of the society in Kiribati. The administration takes great effort in empowering the youth and to inculcate a feeling of brotherhood among all the young people of Kiribati.
The government provides full support for all the youth programs and one can find the government taking interest in the betterment of youth. 10th of August is known all over Kiribati as the National Youth Day and one can see a number of important programs on this day. It shows that the young persons of today are tomorrow’s leaders and they play a pivotal role in the growth of a society. Many festivals and events in Kiribati are organized on this day including workshops so that the young people can interact with each other and come up with interesting solutions and ideas about the many problems that plug today’s society.

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