Festivals and Events in Singapore

Since Singapore is a country which has many kinds of multi ethnic religious diversities there are many types of Festivals and Events in Singapore. The Festivals and Events in Singapore are held all the year round and it gives the perfect opportunity to the people to unite with each other. Some of the important Festivals and Events in Singapore are as follows:

Chinese New Year:
The festival of Chinese New Year is held at the start of every year and the Chinatown area of Singapore buzzes with many kinds of activities during the course of this festival. The majority of the Chinese population of Singapore head for this area and a lot of interesting goods are available in the market during this time. This is the best time for shopping in the area and the festival is celebrated with a lot of enthusiasm by the people.

Chingay Parade of Dreams:
This is another important one among the Singapore Festivals and Events and outshines many others in terms of grandeur. The grand parade symbolizes the unity of the Singaporean people. The event has managed to establish itself as the finest among all the street parades of the Asian continent and performers from all the corners of the globe come here to be a part of this spectacular occasion.

Mid Autumn Festival:
The Mid Autumn Festival is held in the Chinatown area of Singapore and the festival is made open to the public in a grand manner with a display of stunning fireworks, dragon dances and grand street processions.

Singapore Fashion Festival:
The festival is held during the months of March and April and ushers the new colors, fashion trends and statements of the season which lies ahead. The occasion of the festival is celebrated by organizing various kinds of fashion shows and product promotions which creates a considerable amount of excitement among the people.

The Quing Ming Festival:
This festival is also held on the month of April every single year and the Chinese people gather in the temples to offer holy prayers for their ancestors. Incense sticks are burnt in the temple as a token of remembrance for them.