Festivals and Events in South Korea

There are many important Festivals and Events in South Korea that makes the country a sought after tourist destination. The country is steeped in tradition and the culture of South Korea is very vibrant. The festivals of the land are striking and thrilling like its picturesque landscape. You can think yourself lucky if you can be a part of any of the festivals and events in South Korea. The Festivals in the country are full of life and adds dollops of extra life and excitement to the spirits of an individual.
May is one of the most exciting months of the year when the Hi Seoul festival takes place at Seoul. This festival witnesses the amassing of people of assorted cultures, places and community coming in harmony with each other. This popular festival is highly regarded for the various cultural performances and loads of excitement and fun that come along with it.
The Modafe Dance Festival is another very important festival and is one of the best contemporary dance festivals not only in South Korea but in the entire continent of Asia. The Modafe Dance Festival is a platform for the young dance enthusiasts who can experiment with the dance forms. It opens new vistas for the art of dancing and surpasses the current insight of dance.
The Lotus Lantern festival, to begin with is one of the liveliest festivals of South Korea. This popular carnival marks the birthday celebrations of Lord Buddha, who is highly revered through out the country. The Lotus shaped lanterns are prepared and lit in the evening along with many other celebrations going on with it. The Lotus Lantern festival is a traditional festival which reflects the culture of the country.
The Spring Welcoming Exorcism of Tamna is a very traditional festival where the spring is invited with lot of pomp and show. People enjoy, make merry and exchange gifts. The Snow is also a very crucial natural occurrence of South Korea. It is due to this fact that there are a lot many festivals which are celebrated during the winters. The highly popular Daegwallyeong Snow Flower Festival and Sokcho Seorak Snow Festival are the two of the most eminent fests which attracts a lot of tourists.

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