Festivals and Events in Switzerland

Switzerland is beautiful land of Alpine forests and blue lakes. It is a peaceful country that hosts many trade fairs and events. There are plenty of cultural festivals and events in Switzerland taking place round the year. Switzerland is a land of tradition that goes hand in hand with modernity. This peculiarity can be seen through all the Festivals and Events in Switzerland.Festivals and Events in Switzerland are celebrated with warmth and merriment.
Majority of the people in Switzerland follow Christianity. Hence, Christmas is celebrated with great pomp and show. In the month of December, Switzerland is covered with snow and that gives a perfect picture for the festival, with Carols being sung and plum puddings being made. The chase of St Nicholas is one of the endearing customs associated with Christmas too.
Another festival in Switzerland is the Epiphany. It signifies the visit to baby Jesus by the 3 kings. On this day, singers dress up as the Kings and visit the neighboring houses, singing carols.
Harvest is celebrated in different ways in each region of Switzerland. In some regions, it is celebrated by holding a feast while in the others cart race competitions are held. On the 1st August, the Swiss National Day is celebrated with bonfires, barbeques and merriment. The Wine Festival of Switzerland is held once every 25 years by the wine growing industries when the Greek God of Wine is honored.
Locarno International Film festival is one of the famous events in Switzerland. This is attended by a number of eminent film personalities and their fans. It is attributed as one of the major events in the world!Another important event in Switzerland is the Montreux Jazz Festival. This annual event, features the talents of many new and veteran artists through their performance on a common platform. This festival attracts tourists from all over the world too.
Zurich hosts one of the famous Art Festivals in the world and it is noted for its exhibitions and workshops. During this event, the entire Zurich City becomes an art gallery and invites luminaries from the world of dance, theatre, and dramas.The Art Basel is conducted every year on the Basel Fairground that exhibits the works of artists from all over the world. Another famous event is the Basler Ferienmesse. This is open to public and exhibits the beauty of Switzerland and promotes tourism in the country.
In Geneva, the sports equipments are exhibited in Palexpo. It is one of the world’s biggest events and draws crowds from far and wide. Children love the sports equipment and leisure options on display. Festivals and Events in Switzerland reflect the cheerful nature, the artistic inclination as well as the way of life of the people of the country.