Festivals and Events in Tunisia

Festivals and Events in Tunisia are marked by celebrations, cheer, and revelry. Tunisia is the land of the rich Islamic heritage and legacy of the ancient times have made the country a tourist destination for all. On your tours to Tunisia, you can see the various aspects of the culture of Tunisia. Experience the vibrant traditions during your stay. Ensure that you stay in the country during the festivals and events in Tunisia to see the exuberance and charm.
Festivals in Tunisia is one of the most frequented tourist destinations in Africa and if you are looking at the best time to visit the country then you can choose the festive time. Festive season is the best time to visit the country as it offers the splendid chance to see the rich heritage and culture.
The culture of Tunisia has been greatly influenced by the conquests and settlements that have taken place over the course of history. Many religious groups have come and left their mark at festivals. Festivals and Events in Tunisia in Africa mirror the culture and traditions of the country.
There are many festivals and events in the country which are celebrated with vigor and enthusiasm. Various exhibitions are also held in the country. They are one of the finest ways to unite people and bring them together to celebrate events. Some of the major festivals are as follows:
Carthage Festival in Tunisia is a famous event held in the country. It is the country’s biggest arts event. The main attraction of this festival is the blend of local and international sounds in the old Roman amphitheatre. You can have detailed insight about the culture of dance, and music in Tunisia.
Tabarka Jazz Festival in Tunisia – This festival is organized to celebrate jazz and folk music. It is one of the most popular events held in the coastal town of Tabarka. Musicians and music lovers come together to perform in this festival. It is offers unlimited entertainment to all its guests.
Thoroughbred Horse Festival – It is one of the popular events in the Tunisia. Arab thorough breeds are brought here.
Apart from this, there are various exhibitions held in Tunisia. Exhibitions, festivals and events in Tunisia are a unique part of the cultural heritage of the country.