Festivals and Events in Turkey

Festivals and Events in Turkey are a time to celebrate and indulge in riotous merrymaking. Over more than 100 Festivals and Events in Turkey are organized every year. Local festivals alongside international culture and art festivals are take place in major destinations including Istanbul, Izmir, Ankara and Antalya. Among the major tourist sites, Istanbul is the most significant centre of international culture and art festivals and events.
The International Istanbul Film Festival takes place once every year in the month of April. The International Istanbul Theatre Festival, one of the major events in Turkey is organized every May. The International Istanbul Music Festival takes place during the months of June and July every year. If you are into jazz, you must visit Turkey during the International Istanbul Jazz Festival every July. International Biennial is held once every two years with much pomp and splendor and is among the major Festivals and Events in Turkey. The Istanbul Culture and Art Foundation organizes all these popular Festivals and Events in Turkey.
Hundreds of well known artists and musicians from all across the world come to Istanbul, adding much vibrancy and splendor to Turkey, replete with historical and cultural significance.
If you are visiting Turkey during summer, you can participate in a number of annual music festivals. These festivals in Turkey are held with much gusto in the summer months.
The Pamukbank Dance Days are celebrated with much color and vibrancy. This is the time when several world-famous dance groups flock to Istanbul. The Efes Pilsen Blues Festival is a crowd puller and has earned huge reputation over ten years. Well-known groups often host major shows during this festival. The leading Turkish and the best jazz musicians of the world gather at the Akbank International Jazz Festival.
The Yapi Kredi Art Festival is one of the popular Festivals and Events in Turkey. If you are crazy about rock-n-roll, pop music, classic music and jazz, you can be a part of the Yapi Kredi Art Festival. The Fujifilm World Music Days are popular name among the music festivals in Turkey. The International Ankara Music Festival takes place every year in the month of April-May in the capital city, attracting tourists in large numbers.

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