Festivals and Events in UAE

The diverse Festivals and Events in UAE reflect its vibrant culture. Travelers flock to the country to spend a few days of respite from the artificial urban life and submerge in the lavishness and beauty of the place. All the major cities of UAE hold several major festivals and events which attracts travelers across the world. Apart from the several religious and cultural festivals, the travelers can also visit UAE on special occasions of Nokia Abu Dhabi International Jazz Festival, Dubai Summer Surprises, Dubai Desert Classic, National Day Festival, Dubai Shopping Festival and Dubai World Cup.
Among the different Festivals and Events in UAE special mention can be made of some of the major religious festivals and events of the country which is famous throughout the world are :
Ramadan: This is the pious month of worshipping and fasting when the visitors to UAE are also not allowed to drink or eat publicly in honor of the god.
Eid Al fitr: this festival is the most widely celebrated Muslim festival which is celebrated on the last day of Ramzan month. This is the time when the people of UAE exchange gifts and best wishes to each other as a mark of celebration. The festival continues for three days. Feasting is an important part of it.
Eid Al Adha: This festival is very popular with the inhabitants of UAE. This is the day when the sacred pilgrimage of Haz comes to an end.
National Day Festival: This is one of the most important festivals of UAE which marks the independence of UAE. December 2 is the independent day of the country. Fire works, camel racing, exhibitions, music competitions, and various cultural programs are organized across the country to celebrate the National day.
Some of the special sports and shopping events are an added attraction of UAE. Travelers to the country will be very lucky if they have the opportunity to attend the following Events:
The Dubai Shopping Festival is perhaps one of the best events of the world. Dubai is the city of malls and this is the time when the shoppers can shop their heart out as all the malls offer special discounts on every item. Along with several musical concerts, entertainment programs, fashion shows and film and firework fests are arranged on the occasion. The extravaganza continues for one whole month.
The amazing Dubai World cup which is actually the annual horse racing championships of the nation is an important event of UAE.
The Dubai Desert Classic is a renowned PGA golf Tournament which takes place at the esteemed emirates Golf course.

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