Festivals and Events in USA

Besides going for sightseeing, shopping and business in USA you can also make a trip there to watch the various festivals and events in USA. USA celebrates many festivities each of which varies in theme and style. So come and watch these festivals and events in USA.
Faerieworld’s Festival: This is a type of folk festival celebrated at that time of the year when the barrier between the earthly world and the world of the Faerie becomes non-existent. This is celebrated with music, art and imagination. To retain the mystic touch this festival takes place in the neo-spiritual environs of Sedona and Arizona. This is because these places feature majestic red bluffs, squat pine trees and vortexes. To give this festival perfect touch tourists from all over the world come dressed in costumes of different shapes and sizes with a background painted on it. Tourists flock here mainly to enjoy the soothing music played by Mandrake, Wild Thyme and The New Potatoes, to lie on the soft green grass of the Sedona Cultural Park and to shop in the Renaissance Craft Village.
International Kite Festival: If you are a kite lover then you must pay a visit during the international kite festival. This is held every year on the endless parade of warm sandy Long Beach in Washington. In this festival you can bring your own bag of kites and fly it on a spool of fishing line amid the behemoths. Again you can see here a large variety of kites ranging from figure kites to flat kites, cellular kites, rokkakus, soft kites, deltas, stunt kites, traditional kites, arch trains to multi-line figure kites. No entry fee is required here and the festival is open to all. The main aspect is the joy that prevails during the kite festival.
Some other notable festivals and events in USA are – Chicago festivals Colorado Dragon Boat Festival, Great Alaska Beer and Barleywine Festival, Blob Fest.


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