Festivals and Events in Vietnam

Festivals and Events in Vietnam are excellent times to go for a holiday. While you go for traveling around Vietnam, you will see that the country enjoys various kinds of festivals and events all round the year. Festivals and Events in Vietnam are rich in culture and worth enjoying.
Festivals and Events in Vietnam have long been regarded as the conventional cultural tradition of the Vietnamese people. These festivals are the portrayals of cultural, spiritual, and physical activities of Vietnam. The Master Pagoda Festival, one of the most popular Festivals and Events in Vietnam has puppet shows. There are lots of festival challenges like rowing, wrestling, rope pulling, rope climbing, rice cooking and chess playing. The events also include buffalo fights, cock fights and pigeon races.
All the Festivals and Events in Vietnam are mainly scheduled in the Lunar month of the year. Usually, a lunar month runs 30 days than the western month. January and February are the most fascinating for festival months in the year. Several of the festivals and special events would keep you in excitement.
Tet, the most well-known Festivals and Events in Vietnam, is actually the Vietnamese and Chinese Lunar New Year. This festival is considered to be the most important Festival of local Vietnamese. This holy festival sometime occurs in between late January or early February. Tet has become so popular among the Vietnamese that from the beginning of spring, the Vietnamese get delighted and gear up for the arrival of Tet. Though Tet is a three-day affair, however the festivities can go on for a week or more than that including eating, drinking, and pleasant social activities.
The Mam Ngu Qua is also enjoyable as one of the most important Festivals and Events in Vietnam. The five-fruit tray on the familial altar during the Tet Holidays represents the respect and appreciation of the Vietnamese to Heaven and their ancestors. This festival includes five fruits portraying the essence that Heaven and Earth sanctify humans.
The Giao Thua, better known as New Year’s Eve, is celebrated grandly in Vietnam. It is famously known that there are total twelve Highnesses in Heaven in charge of supervising and calculating the issues on earth and each of them takes charge of one year. For this reason, every home provides holy offerings in the external region to pray for a good new year.
The Lim Festival, Cau Ngu festival and Nui Ba Festival are some other famous festivals in Vietnam. Do Son Buffalo Fighting Festival, Hung Kings Festival and Mid-autumn Festival are some more celebrated Festivals and Events in Vietnam.

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