Festivals & Events in Macau

Macau festivals and events represent the intermixed cultural ethos of the east and the west. The western festive spirit is well embodied with the sagacity of the oriental life.The festivals in Macau and events organized there are hybrids of both Europe and Asia.
Chinese New Year is the most important ethnic festival in Macau. Another important local festival Feast of the God Toutei is observed at Pou Tai Un Temple in March. A colorful street parade is organized to celebrate Procession of the Passion of our Lord, The Good Jesus at Macau cathedral. Macau Arts Festival is a showcase of best of the concerts, dance, painting exhibitions, Chinese opera, theatre etc commemorating the cultural diversity of Macau.
The month of April has Qingming and A-Ma Festivals. Burning of joss sticks and paper objects as well as worship of forefathers mark the Qingming Festival. During the A-Ma Festival, the temple of A-Ma, a Taoist goddess is crowded by thousands seeking blessings.
The birth of Buddha and the Feast of the Drunken Dragon is celebrated in May .The later festive occasion starts from Kwan Tai Temple with the dance performance by groups of intoxicated men. The fishermen observe Tam Kong and the Christian devotees carry on Procession of Our Lady of Fatima in the same month.
Apart from these Dragon Boat Festival on Nam Van Lakes, Feast of Kuan Tai, Feast of Na Cha and Mid-Autumn Festival are other important festivals in Macau. Events of international repute such as Volleyball Grand Prix, International Fireworks Festival, Music Festival, Macau Grand Prix and Marathon also add to the tourist attractions in Macau.
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