Festivals in Bulgaria

Festivals in Bulgaria are a major attraction for all. There are many types of Festivals in Bulgaria. While some of them reflect the traditional heritage of the country some others try to promote the art and music of the country. There are also many sport festivals.

The March Music Days is one of the most significant festivals of the country. It is a two week festival held in the latter half of March. The festival is held annually in Rousse city of Bulgaria. The festival is attended by many elite musicians. The March Music Days was the organized by the Bulgarian-German cultural cooperation in the year 1961. The The Rozhen National Folklore Fair is another most popular Festivals in Bulgaria.

Rozhen is a major Bulgarian folklore fair held after every 4 years. The festival is held in the meadows of the Rozhen area. The main aim of the festival is to popularize Bulgarian folk art. It is usually held in the month of August.

Some other popular Bulgarian festivals are Bansko International Jazz festival, Bulgarian Salasa Festival, Kazanlak Rose Festival and others. While the Bansko International Jazz festival is held in the month of August, the Kazanlak Rose Festival is one of the most popular events in May. Bulgaria is one of the renowned producers of rose oil in the world. Bulgarian Kazanluk rose is a special type of rose that is famous for its fragrance.

The Sofia Jazz Paek is held in the month of April while the Varna Summer- International Music Festival is in June. The Folk festival is another notable event in Europe. It is held in the town of Koprivshtitza. Singers and musicians come to this festival to perform Bulgarian folk and pop music. It is held every fifth year.

International festival of the Koukers or mummers is a famous festival in Pernik. It is one of the main festivals that help to promote the art and the culture of the country. It is held every other year. Apart from these there are a few religious festivals in the country. All these Festivals and Events in Bulgaria help tourists to know more about the art and the culture of the country.

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