Festivals in Dominican Republic

The colorful Festivals in Dominican Republic make the country one of the most sought after tourist’s destinations. People from all over the world come flocking to this part of the world to enjoy spending time in the serene beaches and feel the pulse of the festivals. Dominican Republic hosts and celebrates a lot of exciting and colorful events all around the year. Dominican Republic’s festivals and special events entice visitors to pick up the Caribbean beat. Here are some of the important festivals in Dominican Republic.
Merengue Festival – Merengue Festival in Puerto Plata takes place during the first week of October. It is the time to rejoice the countryside harvests and make merry. During this time of the year, the Malecón is blocked off to vehicular traffic and many stalls are set up on both sides of the streets. These streets sell a variety of homemade products to eat, drink or wear. There is also a huge stage that is erected at one end of the Malecón for concerts by famous merengue singers.
Holy Week – The holy week leads to Easter Sunday and is celebrated in a grand way in the town of Sosua. This is the time when volleyball competitions, eating, drinking and dancing are held together. The Dominicans from all corners of the island head to Sosua. The merry making spirit is extremely contagious and the native people will give your idea of hospitality a new dimension.
The Santo Domingo Carnival – This popular carnival is the climax of the pre-Lenten celebration and is celebrated all throughout the country. The main feature of this carnival is the winning Diablo Cojuelos and their magnificent masks depicting the grotesque human features and expressions. The long silk capes, matching jerkins and pantaloons, melded with strong African traditions come from Santiago and La Vega. The floats and innumerous dance groups and costumed characters parade along the Malecon which makes the street spectacular.
Christmas – The Christmas festival celebrations begin in early December and end on Epiphany Day on January 6.
Cabarete Fun – The festival of Cabarete fun or Cabarete Alegra is celebrated in the month of February. Every weekend in the month of February, different festivals are held when merry-making flourishes in the street. The beaches and the hotels and restaurants celebrate this festival time with much vigor.
Some of the other important Festivals in Dominican Republic include Annual World Cup Windsurfing; Cultural Festival and the Latin Music Festival.

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