Festivals in Lakshadweep

Lakshadweep Festivals speaks of the vibrant traditions of the religious past of the island. Since the majority of people living in Lakshadweep belong to the faith of Islam, hence, various festivals also reflect the customs of that faith. Bakrid, Id-Ul-Fitr, Muharram, and Milad-Un-Nabi are the important festivals of Lakshadweep.

Bakrid is followed by the entire Muslim community of Lakshadweep as symbol of sacrifice of the great Prophet Ibrahim. It is believed that on this day the Mecca or the revered pilgrimage of the Islam followers comes to an end. Prayers are offered to the feet of the Prophet in the various mosques of the island.

Celebrating the first sight of new moon after a month long fasting period, the Muslim followers, on the day of Id-Ul-Fitr prepare delicious dishes at their home and also distribute the same to their closed ones.

Muharram is a sacred festival of Muslims in Lakshadweep. On this day, the devout followers of Prophet Mohammad come out in street carrying a well-embellished taziya and beating their chests to commemorate the heinous killing of Imam Husain, who was the grandson of the great prophet.

The day of Milad-Un-Nabi is considered as one of the most pious days of the Muslim followers as on this day the great prophet of the faith – Prophet Mohammad – appeared on the earth. Apart from making special dishes, the Muslim people of Lakshadweep also indulge in various community services on this day.

The entire island becomes a sight of colorful extravaganza during each and every Lakshadweep Festivals.

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