Festivals in Puducherry

Puducherry is a land of festive and celebration, which gives you a wonderful insight into the prevailing culture of the region. Pondicherry is a home to several temples and shrines, where Lord Sulramaniar and Devi temples are some of the popular names. Participate in the prevailing festivals and events in Pondicherry, which are worth appreciating.

The ritual at the fire walking festival rejoices you where a participant needs to fast for a stretch of 40 days. It is during this festival, one is supposed to wear saffron colored attires. This festival is initiated when a participant walks bare-feet over the long stretch of fire display. The most astonishing part of this event is that one barely burns their feet during their walk due to one’ s devotion and passion shown towards the event.

Sedal is one of the innumerable festivals and Events in Pondicherry, where a devotee goes through a series of self-torture as a mark of self punishment. The devotees pierce their tongue and delicate body parts with several needles and with silver hooks.

Masquerade or Mask festival is one of the popularly celebrated festival and events in Pondicherry which takes place in the months of March or April. Being in the hands of French tyranny for a long period of time, the area celebrates this festival where one is found to adorn themselves with beautiful masks and fancy costumes. The participants are supposed to march along the streets and perform tricky dance in sync with the trumpets.

The Yoga festival is one of the admired festivals and events in Pondicherry. The International Yoga Festival is celebrated in the region from the 4th to 7th January annually. Be a spectator to live show and discussion forums and view cultural programs of Indian classical dance and music that promote the healthy lifestyle of Yoga.

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