Festivals in Scotland

The Hogmanay Festival, Edinburgh International Jazz and BluesScotland, the beautiful country located in Great Britain, is known for hosting a number of events and festivals throughout the year. The festivals in Scotland are quite enticing and enthralling, reflecting the culture of this vibrant and colorful country. Some of the popular events in Scotland include Festival, Edinburgh International Festival, Edinburgh Science Festival, Glasgow Jazz Festival and Edinburgh Harp Festival. These events are major attractions of Scotland, calling a number of tourists from all across the globe.
Popular Festivals and Events in Scotland
Hogmanay Festival: Hogmanay Festival is the vibrant New Year celebrations in Scotland. The event is marked with loud music, ringing of bells and huge gatherings at the Hogmanay Street, on 31st December night in Scotland every year. There are brilliant fireworks lighting up the night sky. More than 100, 000 spectators watch this sensational event and enjoy the evening party with their near and dear ones.
International Jazz and Blues Festival: This is the biggest musical event in Britain where jazz programs are held before a huge audience gathering from all corners of the world. The jazz festivals continue for a period of 10 days and more, organized mainly during the summer months. The jazz musical concerts are held in different buildings of the city of Edinburgh, because of which tourists can also explore some of the local attractions as well.
Edinburgh Science Festival: This festival in Scotland attracts people of all age groups. However, for the children, it is of much interest as they can explore a number of scientific discoveries and enhance their knowledge. Many of the schools organize trips to these interesting exhibitions. There are training sessions and lectures on various scientific topics which help to drive their interest in science.
Other important Scotland festivals include Edinburgh Tattoo, Edinburgh International Book Festival, Edinburgh MELA, Edinburgh Festival Fringe, Speyfest and St. Magnus Festival.