Finding Your Perfect Vacation Package to Cancun Mexico

People have their own idea on how to spend a vacation in the beautiful Caribbean. Some just want to spend quiet days, lying back on a pristine white sand beach, watching gently swaying palms above while working on their tan. Others want nonstop action whether on land or the sea, as they feast their eyes and ears on the many delights that a vacation package to Cancun Mexico has to offer.

Water Sports: Situated in Mexico’s Caribbean coast, Cancun never runs out of anything to quench your thirst for water sports. When you buy a vacation package to Cancun Mexico, don’t forget to visit the Parque Nizuc (Wet’ Wild), a marine park located just south of Cancun’s Hotel Zone, offering snorkeling, various waterslides, and a wave pool. The nearby Isla Mujeres (or Island of Women), just 11 km off the coast of Cancun, is a great diving spot set in a relaxed tropical setting and turquoise blue waters. A vacation package to Cancun Mexico that includes this island in the itinerary is going to be well worth it, not only because of the excellent diving it offers but also because of the many island sights that are easily accessible via bicycles and mopeds.

Mayan Archeological Sights: A vacation package to Cancun Mexico means a visit to the historic Yucatan Peninsula, considered as the gateway to ancient Mayan culture. Here in this southeast region of land separating the Caribbean Sea and the Gulf of Mexico, you will find local residents that are descendants of the ancient Mayan tribe and many gorgeous beaches that are only steps away from ancient ruins and temples.

Among the many archeological sites that may be included in your vacation package to Cancun Mexico are Calakmul, located about 30 miles from the Guatemalan border, the Chichen-Itza, the site where the famous El Castillo Pyramid is located, and Palenque, featuring great stone carvings. Another site that is located ridiculously close to Cancun is Tulum.

Once a major seaport for the ancient Mayan traders, Tulum is now known for being the site of some of the most beautiful beaches in the world. A vacation package to Cancun Mexico means sightings of the Mayan stone walled fortress in Tulum, set against a backdrop of clear, turquoise waters and magnificent mountains.

Nightlife: Acapulco may be the queen of nightlife among all Mexico destinations, but that doesn’t mean that Cancun has nothing to offer for those who want to roam the countryside at night. The Cantina’s should be of some interest if you plan on spending groovy Caribbean nights with your vacation package to Cancun Mexico. With a hundred year history at its belt when it began as no more than an astute liquor store, the Cantinas have gone a long way from a crude bar with tables and chairs to a proper refuge for men who want to spend their afternoons meeting and greeting, drinking tequila, socializing, and gambling.

Cancun’s Hotel Zone also comes alive the minute the sun sets beyond the horizon. With multi million dollar discos lining the whole area, it is impossible not to feel invigorated by the Latin vibes infused with African and native tunes that the Cancun music scene chortles out at night.