Fishing and Sailing in Northern Mariana Islands

Sports fishing, trolling and deep-sea fishing can be enjoyed all year round. The waters around the Marianas are teeming with blue marlin, Spanish mackerel and tuna. Charter trips from all three islands hone in on the best fishing locations and provide all the equipment necessary to haul in the big one. In August, Saipan holds their Annual Saipan International Fishing Tournament. Held during the marlin season, the tournament provides anglers with an opportunity to put their skills to the test in the midst of the beautiful tropical waters.

Cliff fishing is popular in Tinian and Rota. The views are spectacular, while below; the churning waters offer anglers a unique fishing challenge. Competitors test their skills during the annual Labor Day Cliff Fishing Contest on Rota and again in early November on Tinian. The catch is typically barracuda, red snapper, skipjack and grouper.

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