Fishing in Hong Kong

Fishing in Hong Kong is a wonderful pass timer. Locals and tourists are always on look out for new fishing areas.

Check out the local hot spots so that you can enjoy fishing in Hong Kong to the maximum extends. Since Hong Kong is surrounded by sea finding a place to fish will not be difficult. The most preferable place to fish is in the ocean or harbor. The most ideal places for fishing in Hong Kong are Kwun Tong, Kowloon, Tsim Sha Tsui and the Hong Kong Island.

Since the region is surrounded by oceans saltwater fishing is popular. But the region also offers freshwater fishing in the exclusive 17 reservoirs where you can go for fishing in Hong Kong during the non-spawning season. But for fishing in the reservoirs you will need to get a fishing license from the Office of the Water Supplies Department.

The most common fishes you will find while fishing in Hong Kong are Tilapia, Edible Goldfish, Silver Carp, Big Head, Mud Carp, and Wild Carp. You can also buy all your fishing equipment from shops near beaches and harbors.

You can also learn various types of fishing in Hong Kong, the most popular techniques are rod and reel and telescoping pan-fish pole. You can also go for deep sea fishing in a boat.