Fishing in Kiribati

Fishing in Kiribati is a far developed form of adventure sport which has evolved from a very basic way of life lead by the Kiribatians. A simple way of earning living being inhabitant of a coastal area and a land which is enclosed with the water fronts, was mainly fishing. Kiribatians are not only expert in fishing but also the make some mouthwatering fish dishes which are exotic and can not be found in any where else than this land. With time when tourism evolved in Kiribati, fishing in Kiribati has now become a fashion and a leisure activity for the tourists as well as for the natives.
Kiribati Adventure sports have one major activity which is enjoyed by the all age group people, different people have different priorities but here everyone shares a single priority and that is fishing.
Apart from sports and recreation, fishing industry is one of the major industries in the Island. A lot of verities of fishes is been exported to different countries.
As a part of Kiribati Adventure sports, fishing has evolved not only in its form but also in the ways and techniques. As like every other sport, researches and developments have been made to ease the whole process.
Fishing is an art which one has to master as a number of methods and techniques prevailing in this regards, some of the popular methods are hooking, trapping, gathering, and so on. Earlier people used to catch fishes with the help of bow and arrow.
Specialized tour operators provide a lot of good package deals where one can choose from a series of different tour plans and places to go for Fishing. One need to visit one of them in case they want to go by a guided tour or else one can go the local market and grab a couple of maps and route charts to plan their trip or tour.

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