Flamboyant flower, vivid memories

The flamboyant is a species of flower special to Vietnam. It blooms in the summer season from the middle of May. A flamboyant flower has red and thin petals and long pistils. It does not have a scent but it attracts people through its bright red color. However, if it is planted in hotter regions, its color becomes deeper.

The flamboyant tree, which has a tall trunk and wide canopy, can be seen throughout Vietnam, from the northern delta to Ca Mau. Flamboyant are usually planted in schoolyards because they offer shade from the sun. When they start to bloom students know their summer holidays are not far off.

Flamboyant can stand the summer heat, so they are often planted in coastal cities. When visiting Nha Trang or Haiphong in the summer, it is wonderful sitting in the shade of the flamboyant. Its flower has become the symbol of Haiphong City, and the city has the name, City of the Flamboyant Flower.

When the summer season is coming, students in all grades gather the flowers and put them in notebooks in the shape of butterflies as a souvenir of the year’s memories, friends and teachers. The flower is also a meaningful souvenir for people to present to each other.

Dalat City has a new species of flamboyant flower with a purple color, enriching the beauty of that city. However, the presence of bright red flamboyant flowers around schoolyards makes it closely linked with the childhood of Vietnamese. Adults have beautiful memories of schooldays with the flamboyant flowers foremost in their thoughts.

(Saigon Times)

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