Food in Niue

A variety of Polynesian and European food is available in Niue. Naturally, many tropical fruits grow and depending upon the season most can be bought at the local market or ‘makete’ run every Tuesday and Friday morning in central Alofi, the capital.

Traditional local foods such as coconut crab ‘uga’, taro ‘talo’, breadfruit, cassava, shellfish are also for sale – but be early!

Niueans are traditionally very fussy eaters – their standards of quality and preparation are traditionally very high, and they are extremely proud of this; using it as yet another way to distinguish themselves from neighbouring countries.

The very best range of traditional local food is found at the annual village showdays – each of Niue’s fourteen villages hosts a show-day every year to showcase local cooking, craft, sporting and cultural skills. A large earth oven, or ‘umu’, is prepared, and visitors can sample some rarely found and delicious treats. Try to co-ordinate your visit with one of these show-days, for it will expose you to the full fabric of Niuean life.

Eating In – Most villages have a small shop selling simple necessities. Alofi has several grocers and supermarkets but their hours vary, since the largest supermarket, Swans, is only open Monday to Friday from 9.00 to 4.00, you need to be a bit organised to eat properly!

We strongly recommend that if staying in a motel or you plan to cook your own food, you do your grocery shopping as soon as you can after arrival to avoid any problems

Eating Out – Niue is not a bustling metropolis, so not all restaurants can afford to open all the time. Bookings are essential for all eating establishments.

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