Food of Arunachal Pradesh

The food in Arunachal Pradesh is absolutely delicious and the method of preparation is quite old.The fact that amazes most tourists is that these customs have withstood the great destructive force of time.Apart from this, there are also restaurants in the state to provide scrumptious food. The native cuisine of Arunachal Pradesh is mostly filled with non vegetarian dishes.The regional culture is preserved amidst many secrets as the natives want the continuity of their century old culture as it was at the beginning.This feeling is felt when one considers even Arunachal Pradesh food.

Cuisine in Arunachal is as varied as the number of tribes that inhabit it. In general, their food is bland and they seldom fry the ingredients. Dishes are seasoned with bamboo shoots and local herbs. While they eat plenty of leafy vegetables and maize, they are basically meat eaters who also have lots of fish and eggs. “Apong” is the local drink made from rice and millet.

The native culture is quite old. The regional food, drinks and lifestyle is quite old as it has preserved for a long time. During any celebration, one can witness the traditionalism in the Arunachal Pradesh food. The most drink is made of millet and is famous as Apong.This drink can also be made out of rice. This food in Arunachal Pradesh is stored in large pots at the ends of markets for the refreshment of the tired men and women. This drink is relished by all the people as it is an age old recipe and is absolutely home made.

There are also restaurants in the state to provide scrumptious food.

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