Food of Egypt

Food of Egypt obviously forms one of the major attractions for any visitor who is eager to taste the flavors of the land. An essentially Egyptian meal would contain beans or bean cakes, eggs, cheeses, pickles, and jams. The native food of Egypt reflects the conglomeration of different cuisines like the Turkish, Greek, Palestinian, Lebanese, and Syrian traditions and the way by which it has been molded to suit Egyptian customs, budgets, and tastes. The dishes are usually simple made with ripen fruits and vegetables and the seasoning is done with fresh spices.

In Egyptian diets aysh or bread comes in numerous forms. It might be the pita type made with refined white flour called aysh shami or even with whole wheat, aysh baladi. It might also be stuffed with any of several fillings.Beans are served along with the aysh. Beans or Ful are cooked in more ways than one. Whole beans are boiled, with vegetables mashed along with tomatoes, onions, and spices. It is served with an egg for breakfast and without the egg for other meals. It is also used as a filling for the aysh and eaten as sandwiches. Beans are at times soaked, minced, added with spices, formed into ta’miyya and then deep-fried. These patties are then garnished with lettuce, tomatoes, and tihina sauce.
The food of Egypt would be incomplete without the mention of the Molokhiyya which is a leafy, green, summer vegetable.

It is distinctively Egyptian and thick soup is made from it. The leaves are chopped and stewed in chicken stock, and served with or without pieces of rabbit, chicken, or lamb. This soup is served with either crushed bread or over rice. Besides these main dishes there are numerous other foodstuffs that form an essential feature of the Egyptian cuisine. The other foods that are consumed are the Mezze, Turshi, molokhiyya, Torly, Kufta, samak, ruzz, cheese and many more.

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