Food of Malaysia

Food of Malaysia presents a blend of Malay, Chinese and Indian cuisine. The people of Malaysia prides in their culinary skills and the various towns and cities are famous for their regional specialties. Some of the pure Food of Malaysia are Kajang satay, Ipoh chicken rice, Kelantanese nasi minyak among others.

You will find Food of Malaysia in the cheap places like the hawker stalls and coffee shops, called as kedai kopi in Malay or kopitiam in Chinese. The popular mamak stalls are owned and run by Indian Muslims and serve purely Indian dishes. The hawkers in Malaysia stay open till late and some work even on night shifts. For lunch you can opt for the nasi kandar restaurant serving a vast range of curries with rice.

Malaysia is known for its preparations of seafood . Seafood restaurants in Malaysia are comparatively expensive. You can relish over local prawns are large sized during your Malaysia travel. Chinese-style steamed fish which is delicacy and crab served with sticky chilli sauce is one of the hot favorite Food of Malaysia. You will find Nyonya and Portuguese food also in Malaysia.

Some of the common Malaysian dishes are nasi lemak, rendang, satay, murtabak, laksa, roti canai fried noodles and chicken rice. Malay food is spicy and flavored and is believed to be influenced by the culinary styles of the ancient traders who came to Malaysia during ancient times. Chinese food which is popular in Malaysia mainly consist of seafood dumplings, steamed soft noodles cooked with shrimps, steamed Crab stick stuffed with fish paste, deep fried dumplings with salted eggs and red bean paste. You will also find food from different parts of India also in Malaysia. Indian food is also spicy and flavored. Continental food is also available in Malaysia.

You will find eateries in glitzy shopping malls as well as various road side restaurants. American fast Food centers like McDonalds, Kehntucky Fried Chicken, Pizza Hut are also popular eating venues in the streets of Malaysia. These American fast food centers have caught the craze of the young Malays and are hot favorite eating destinations at present.

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