Food of Meghalaya

The Food of Meghalaya is mostly rice, dried fish and meat. The food is bland but is seasoned with hot fish chutney. One of the local favourites is “jadoh”, a dish prepared with pork and rice. With the food, people drink a lot of rice beer locally called `Kyat’. Alcohol features in the menu for everyday and on every festive occasion. They chew unripe betel nut with tobacco, betel leaf and lime; guaranteed to give a first timer a headache and vertigo!

The staple food of Meghalaya is Pork. This north eastern state basically has all the non-vegetarians dishes in the cuisine.The Garo cuisine is simple to cook with small variations that bring in a rich flavor. One of the important ingredients in preparing ‘Nakham Bitchi’ (a hot spicy soup) is the special dry fish (Nakham).Preserved fish or meat is widely used in a variety of cooking methods. Fish or meat is preserved either by drying in the sun or smoked over the fire. A typical Garo meal would consist of rice, one or two meat/fish dishes and of course the relishing dry fish soup.

The Khasi taste buds are different from the traditional Garo way of cooking. To begin with, there are different varieties of rice to choose from.The fermented soyabean in this region is ‘Tungrymbai’. It has a strong odour and is very popular especially during the winter season as an integral part of Khasi food.

Different types of rice ‘pancakes’ are also popular.’Pumaloi’ is powdered rice which is steamed in earthern pots called ‘Khiew Ranei’. ‘Pukhlein’ is powdered rice mixed with jaggery which is then deep fried.’Pudoh’ is plain powdered rice stuffed with small pieces of pork and steamed. ‘Putharo’ is again plain powdered rice steamed.

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