Food of Montserrat

In Montserrat sophistication and simplicity go side by side – at least as far as food is concerned! The two hotel restaurants on the island serve a variety of international as well as Caribbean cuisine, including weekly lunch and dinner buffets that are very popular. There are also a number of intimate restaurants that serve hot tasty meals using locally grown produce and herbs – anything from lobster burgers, freshly grilled fish and saltfish (salted cod) with ground provisions, to coconut scallops, pastas and fresh salads.

If you really want to ‘go local’, ask for a sample of ‘Mountain Chicken’ one of Montserrat’s delicacies, better known as Frogs Legs. Word has it that it tastes…. well, like chicken! For the less gastronomically adventurous, you can try Goat Water, our national dish, a thick tasty stew with chunks of goat meat, eaten hot with a crusty bread roll.
Of course no meal in Montserrat would be complete without one of local drinks made from exotic fruits found on the island. Freshly made juices from soursoup, mango, cashew, guava, tamarind, papaya, gooseberry and West Indian cherries are common fare in many restaurants. You can also find homemade ginger beer and sorrel (seasonal) in most restaurants as well.