Food of Norway

Food of Norway is one of the major attractions here. Even those on a tight budget can eat like kings here. There are number of very popular dishes that you should not miss. These promise to be a gourmet’s treat. Food of Norway comprises mainly of
Tebriks – a very fine roll, flaky like a French croissant but not as buttery

Skolebrod – it is bigger than boller, with a yellow egg in the middle, spread with sugar frosting and then sprinkled with coconut

Froloff – a round loaf with poppy seed
Boller – a sweet roll

Rosinbolle – the same as boller, but with raisins in it

Skillingsbolle – it is a big cinnamon roll

Flatbrod – It is usually consumed for dinner

Meat has always been a central ingredient in the Food of Norway. There is the Elk and the venison that dominates the most inland areas. Reindeer is also served is the specialty of the north though it is available throughout the country. It tastes the best with a berry sauce.

Norway is a fishing nation and there are numerous delicacies that are made with fish. There is the coalfish, Cod, and salmon that are commonly found. Fish is served both in the poached style or in the form of fishcakes. There is also the ‘lutefisk’ or Iye fish,that is served during Christmas and ‘rakfisk’ is fermented fish, an inland specialty. Mackerel is available in summer and it is an important part of the food of Norway.

Drinking in Norway is very expensive. The local alcohol is the Norwegian akevitt. This is an innocuous looking liquid with the alcohol content ranging from about 42 to 45 percent. It is distilled from a fermented potato or grain mash and then it is flavored with cumin seed or caraway seeds.

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