Food of Scotland

Scotland has a very distinctive cuisine that is usually based on traditional foods. Food of Scotland mainly comprises of the Scottish foods. Food of Scotland is really mouth-watering which will positively satisfy your appetite.
Some of the popular traditional Food of Scotland that you can try out while on a tour to Scotland is:
Bannocks or Oatcakes – This dish is an oat flour biscuit that is baked on a griddle. Nowadays people usually prefer to sample bannocks with cheese.
Scottish Beef – The beef cattle belonging to Aberdeen Angus breed reared in Scotland. Steaks made from these cattle beefs are really very tasty.
While on a tour to Scotland you can also try out the Scotch Broth or Hotchpotch. It is tasty which is prepared by boiling mutton or beef. If you want you can also add sliced vegetables to it. Some of the vegetables that can be used while preparing this dish include garden peas, turnips, stick of celery, carrots and leeks.Forfar Bridies is another delicacy which can be sampled in Scotland. To make this plain pastry, you have to make a stiff paste of flour and water and also do add salt according to your taste. This paste of flour should be cut into oval shape. At the centre minced beef is placed along with suet and chopped onion. After this the pastry is folded and brushed with milk. Now the pastry is cooked until till it becomes golden brown. Try out the Black Bun to get a taste of culinary delights of Scotland. Black Bun is a rich fruit cake which is prepared by using chopped almonds, raisins, cinnamon, currants as well as ginger. Colcannon is the other popular dish of Scotland. This dish which is famous in the Western Islands of Scotland is prepared from boiled cabbage, potatoes, carrots and turnip.
Haggis is the known Scottish delicacy which you surely not miss out while on a tour to the country. Haggis is prepared by sheep’s offal.