Food of South Africa

Food of South Africa is a fine blend of cuisines from different countries of South Africa. The history of South Africa is a witness to the combination of food culture in the country. South Africa has various groups of tribes in the country besides the foreigners. Tourists will like the Food of South Africa, which is unique and authentic.
The cuisine of the country is a gastronomic distinction, which is influenced by the geography, history and culture of this beautiful land. Food of South Africa is an astoundingly superb on the taste buds.
South African food is the outcome of the mixture of immensely diverse cultures and tribal cuisines. Tourists can feel the taste of the culinary skills of Asia, Europe, Africa and the states in the Arab world. All parts of the world have come together to produce the marvelous cuisine of South Africa.
There is something for everyone in the food of South Africa. The different dishes include all kinds of flavors. The cuisine is sophisticated and yet very simple. This versatile food culture is an absolute delight for the food lovers. Given below are some very famous names of dishes in the country. Restaurants in any part of the country prepare these wonderful dishes to satisfy your taste buds.
Some prominent South African recipes – Bobotie or Beef Pie, Dried Fruit Chutney, Yellow Melon Muscadel or Melon Salad, Cape Kidgeree or Fish and Rice, Cape Kidgeree or Fish and Rice, Hoender Pastei or Boer Chicken Pie, Mealie Soup or Corn Soup, Tomato Salad, Yellow Rice and much more.