Food of Veitnam It is Extremely Diverse

Vietnamese cuisine is extremely diverse, often divided into three main categories, each pertaining to Vietnam’s three main regions (north, central and south). It is mainly based on rice, soy sauce, and fish sauce. Its characteristic flavor is sweet (sugar), spicy (Serrano peppers), and flavored by a variety of mints.
Vietnam also has a large variety of noodles and noodle soups. Different regions invented different types of noodles, varying in shapes, tastes, colours, etc. One of the nation’s most famous type of noodles is pho (pronounced fuh?), which consists of rice noodles and beef soup (sometimes chicken soup). This cuisine originated from North Vietnam, and has reached a level of worldwide popularity.
Currently, Vietnamese cuisine has been gaining popularity and can be found widely in many other countries such as the United States, Australia, Canada, South Korea, Laos, so on so forth.
The typical Vietnamese family meal
A typical meal for the average Vietnamese family would include:
Individual bowls of rice
A roasted meat or fish dish
A stir-fried vegetable dish
canh (a clear broth with vegetables and often meat) or other Vietnamese-style soup
Prepared fish sauce and/or soy sauce for dipping
All dishes are communal and to be shared apart from the individual bowls of rice.
Noodle soups
Vietnamese cuisine boasts a huge variety of noodle soups, each with influences and origins from every corner of the country and each with a distinct and special taste. A common characteristic of many of these soups is a rich and very tasty broth.