Former Fatimide Capital to Undergo Major Facelift

With an increase of some 10,8 % of its tourist activities from January to July 31, 2007, the region of Mahdia , is well poised to attract more visitors during the coming the coming tourist season.

According to local tourist authorities, the Sebhket Ben Ghayadha will contribute to environmental protection, improve the citizens’ quality of life and will also make of the artificial lake a major tourist attraction.
Besides the artificial lake, a marina covering 26 hectares, a tourist complex, green spaces, and a residential housing project will also see the day in the area. All in all, the 62 million dinar project will sprawl over 142 hectares.
It is expected to be implemented in two stages. The first stage will consist in cleaning up operations, including the setting up of a water- purification station, whereas the second stage will consist in building the lake banks, roads, as well as two mobile bridges.
Local tourist authorities hope that the new project which is expected to modernize the city, will not only attract more visitors but will also create some 4100 jobs in the region, in addition to fostering ecological interest.
In addition to its pristine beaches and great hotel units, the city of Mahdia is also endowed with a fascinating historical heritage, as testified by the presence of its marine cemetery and the famous ‘Skifa El Kahla’, the entrance to the old city and one of the most impressive Fatimide monuments still in existence; incidentally a reminder that the city was once the North African capital of the Fatimide empire, which stretched between the 10th and 12th century from Syria to North Africa.

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