Forts in Macau

Forts in Macau represent a majestic tapestry of two well embodied cultures of east and west. A kaleidoscope of colonial dominance and upbringing, Macau forts are the symbol of the power and prestige of the Portuguese rulers who hold sway for three centuries on this part of China.
Forts in Macau were mostly the work of the men from Portugal to secure Macau against regular Dutch incursions to South China Sea. The 17th century was a period of constant struggle between the Dutch and Portuguese to held supremacy in East Asia. Macau, being the stronghold of Portuguese was the main target for the enemy. The Macau forts vivaciously bear that time of acrimony.
Forts in Macau represent a glimpse of its momentous history. One amongst the Popular destinations in Macau, the visit to Macau forts offer an idyllic view of the
Colourful landscape below dotted with blue sea, Chapels, temples and modern architectural splendours. The museums and gardens situated within the premises of the forts in Macau are major tourist attractions in Macau.
Forts in Macau are quintessence of generations transmitted folklore, fables and local history – many an episode of struggle for supremacy and diplomatic aptitude connected with this ‘Land of Lotus. The buildings inside the forts representing a synthesis of exquisite Chinese architecture with the neo-classical European structural design are famed tourist attractions in Macau.
Forts in Macau, the finest among the popular destinations in Macau, take you to a ride of the history on your Macau travel. They were harbingers of new cultural traits from Europe. The existence of Macau forts is a symbolic representation of the mixed culture and traditions of this tiny region. Ravaged by the wars and brunt of time, these great monuments are once more playing hosts to number of visitors.
Plan your Macau tour and take pleasure in the historic forts in the isles of Macau, China, Asia.
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